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The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.



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On February 24th, 2009, my precious Daddy fell asleep to join my Twin Brother in Heaven.

I miss you both so very as it was...will never be!









































 "You don't get over it,
you just get through it.
You don't get by it,
because you can't get around it.
It doesn't 'get better'; 
it just gets different.
 Every day... Grief puts on a
 new face..."




I sit watching the rain, A Vision comes to mind;

Thoughts of things I somehow left behind;

A lot of memories flood in of me and my twin brother;

Running and playing as children;

We did so enjoy each other;

Walking to school together;

Playing pranks on the phone;

Hiding junk under our beds, before mom got home;

Sharing the first love and first broken heart;

And the loneliness we felt the first time we were apart;

The years have swiftly passed, needless to say;

And we can no longer see each other everyday;

But the love is the same and will always be;

He's still my main man and very special to me;



There are moments in life you miss someone

so much that you just want to grab them from your

dreams and hug them for real and never

let go." 











If Roses grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, 

Place them in my brother's arms and tell him they're from me. 
Tell him we love and miss him, and when he turns to smile,

place a Kiss on his cheek and hold him for a while.
Remembering him is easy, we do it every day,

but there's an ache within our hearts that will never go away.